The Most Important Features of eCommerce Web Design

Online buying and selling of goods (eCommerce) has seen exponential growth over the last few years. Larger groups of consumers are moving to shopping solely online for goods. This means optimising your ecommerce website is crucial for online success.

If you’re starting your eCommerce website and want it to be competitive and successful but you’re not sure where to start and how to optimise your digital shop window keep reading for tips.

The best place to start is with the customers you want to attract to the site. Make sure to get in their mindset so you know what they’re expecting and how you can provide the perfect online shopping experience. 


What are the Most Important Features of eCommerce Web Design?

1. User-friendly navigation

Your potential customers should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for easily and quickly. This can be done once you break down your products into categories by product type or by customer characteristics etc. In these categories, you’ll need a hierarchical structure for your products. Placing best-selling items at the top in descending order will boost sales.

2. Product Search

The users coming on to your site might already know what they’re looking for and will be ready to refine their search from your homepage. They don’t want to swathe through categories so having a product search feature is essential.

3. Product images

 High-quality product imagery is extremely important when boosting conversions. Everybody wants to see exactly what they’re purchasing from different angles, in use, and even how to use an item.

4. Product Descriptions

This is where you get to sell your product to customers with great copy. The typical role of a sales assistant is taken by this section. Product descriptions should inspire your customers to explain how your product solves their problems or fits their needs. 

This is also the opportunity to optimise your website for search engines. With specific keywords in mind, you can target specific audiences and match them with the perfect product.

5. Reviews

Reviews are a great place to grow natural brand ambassadors. Allowing people to speak highly of your products can lead to more user conversions. Here, you can answer questions and discuss products with your customers. A review section allows you to provide exceptional after-sales support which builds brand loyalty. 

6. Loyalty Program & Email Sign Up Discount

This is your chance to build an email database of customers. These customers could be anywhere in the marketing funnel and future email marketing campaigns could lead to first time purchases or repurchases. Everybody loves discounts so why not offer “10% off on your next order when you sign up to our email marketing list”. Additionally, you could reward loyal customers with “5% off every 5th purchase” or even birthday discounts.

7. Account sign up & Personalisation 

Giving users the option to start an account to save delivery and payment info provides ease of access for future purchases. Account creation also gives people personalisation options, for instance, wish lists, personal suggestions and more to keep customers coming back. 

The team at Tarka have great experience optimising the most important features of eCommerce. From responsive designs across devices to the best modern SEO techniques we’re ready to help. Request a callback to start discussing your ecommerce website today.  

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