Survive and Thrive: Overcoming the Challenges of a National Lockdown

Survive and Thrive: Overcoming the Challenges of a National Lockdown

Back in March 2020 no one could have predicted the seismic shift that would force customer behaviour to change overnight with sellers moving online, businesses struggling to adapt their practices to social distancing and a massive increase in online purchasing. A ban on traveling and the closure of essential stores meant footfall for many businesses dried up overnight. Having an eCommerce website became a matter of survival.

2020 has demonstrated the importance of futureproofing and diversifying your business by setting up a credible, reliable and professional eCommerce website. An eCommerce website is an online store where customers can browse and purchase your business’ products or services over the internet.

Here’s how well designed eCommerce websites have enabled businesses to overcome the challenges brought on by the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown.

New Customers

Online platforms host a new digital audience, with a wide ranging demographic and a large potential customer base. During the Coronavirus pandemic businesses overcame tier divisions by providing a professional and easy to use website for their customers to buy through instead. With no physical presence needed and accessible 24/7, being a digital vendor kept costs down whilst taking sales and maintaining a relationship with new and existing customers.

Online Customers

A big difference in the way consumers buy a product online, particularly during lockdown, as opposed to in a physical store is research. Whether browsing online for a birthday present or deciding which service appears to be the best option, shoppers have the luxury of cruising multiple websites at their own convenience.

Think of it like walking down a highstreet at Christmas time- you find yourself stopping at the stores that really grab your attention. Online shopfronts need to dazzle the customer long enough for you to convince them that you have what they’re looking for! You can do this through high-quality images that show off your products or services, compelling copy that resonates and videos that add valuable information or insight into the business.

Your web page also needs to be comprehensive and easy to use. Users will click off your website immediately if it looks disorganised and difficult to navigate without so much as glancing over your content.


Having an online presence gives businesses the opportunity to build a relationship with customers. By including professional photography, persuasive copy and a striking design, your website will look professional and trustworthy. Built over time, a strong brand following coupled with a great user experience will increase custom.

Safe and Secure

When businesses moved online websites had to convince sceptics that their site was secure, which can be done through SSL certification. Well-designed eCommerce websites make shopping hassle-free by providing users with easy and fast checkouts, which includes the option of storing user details to make future checkouts even easier. Home delivery and click and collect have been extremely popular since the pandemic began as they offer not only a safe alternative to shopping in person but also an extremely convenient way to shop. By reassuring customers that checkout is secure and demonstrating the convenience of online shopping, businesses have been able to continue taking sales despite a national lockdown.

Bespoke Strategy for your Business Aims

As we’ve discussed, having a professional eCommerce website is vital to meeting the ever changing demands of consumers, because if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we can’t be sure what the future will look like. Let’s look at some of the ways an expert web developer can help you to improve your sales and grow your business through eCommerce.

• Having a bespoke and personalised web design for your business goals.

• Engaging web copy and design that draws in customers

• Endless products on your website

• Responsive design for multi-device use

• Modern SEO techniques used to drive traffic

• Secure checkout

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