Customised PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns involve a marketing campaign that you only pay for per user that clicks to visit your website.

PPC campaigns provide instant results, but can be very expensive if not done correctly, which is why we provide ongoing PPC campaign management, optimising your campaign to reduce the CPC (Cost Per Click).

When running a PPC campaign, we'll pay close attention to your CTR (Click Through Rate), this is the amount of users who see your advert vs the amount of users who click through to your website. A high CTR and a low CPC is the optimal result for a PPC campaign.

We can then track conversions and see the percentage of users who enquire or make a purchase on your website, this will give us a way of reliably increasing your sales and enquiries for a fixed cost.

Google Ads

We specialise in Google Ad PPC campaigns, meaning that when a user searches for keywords of search terms that we've defined - they are guaranteed to see your website advert. You only pay for the users who click to view your ad, meaning we can measure the success of your campaign and have a direct ROI (return on investment) for you to track.

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Acronyms & Jargon

With most marketing methods, there's a lot of abbreviations and acronyms you'll see discussed.

Although you won't need to know all of the acronym's, we've outlined some of the key acronyms below for you;

PPC (Pay Per Click) - A type for marketing campaign where you pay per click

CTR (Click Through Rate) - The percentage of users who see your ad and click through to your site.

CPC (Cost per Click) - The cost you pay for each user who visits your site through the ad

CPL (Cost Per Lead) - The cost paid for each lead generated from the PPC campaign

DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) - Adding dynamic keywords to an ad to match the users search

Impressions - Number of people who've seen your PPC ad.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) - A performance indicator to measure to determine the success of the PPC campaign.