The Most Important Features of Brochure Web Design

The Most Important Features of Brochure Web Design

2020 demonstrated the importance of having an engaging and credible online presence when almost 100% of UK businesses were forced to shut their doors and move online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Did you lose out on business because your products/ services weren’t visible online? If so you’re not alone.

Many businesses without an established online presence and existing customer base online struggled to survive as they failed to connect with new online audiences. Brochure web design is an excellent way of futureproofing your business and staying competitive in a saturated market.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the benefits of new technology, especially when you’ve got a million things to think about already as a business owner, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list which illustrates the benefits of a brochure website.  

Great Content

A brochure website is a striking digital showcase of your business’ products or services. Unlike an eCommerce web page which sells products or services, the purpose of a brochure website is to increase leads and to provide a way of contacting the business.

It is an ‘all in one’ read which educates new and existing customers about the business. Your brochure website represents the face of your business so it really needs to wow your readers from the moment they click onto it. Brochure websites will likely contain a homepage, menu, product listings, testimonials, gallery and always a contact page. Easy navigation is vital for a great user experience. Headings, subsections and summary paragraph give a comprehensive and digestible view of what’s on offer.

As a tool of education and engagement, brochure websites contain readable and clear content. The copy itself must be relevant, compelling and persuasive- after all the purpose of your brochure is to generate leads and to get people excited about what you’re offering.

Professional photography will help your products or services pop and other media like embedded videos will help to show shoppers how valuable your products/ services are. Testimonials and photos enable the business to build trust and credibility with customers.

Visual Design

A brochure website shares many visual similarities with a print brochure you would receive through the letterbox advertising takeaways or gardening services. Yet unlike its paper counterpart, brochure websites are not limited by print formatting, ink or delivery costs. Rather this new dynamic gives designers the creativity to give your user a spectacular viewing experience.

Having a brochure website which is bespoke and curated for your individual business is particularly important to stand out in a competitive market. There is no set visual format as the design of brochure websites is entirely dependent on the brand voice of your business. Think about what design features draw you in, what colours work best online and what your competitors’ websites look like. Remember, you want your website to stand out from the crowd, so don’t be afraid to try something different! You might incorporate your brand logo or colours into the design, or develop a signature look which illustrates your business perfectly.

Responsive Design

Brochure websites are responsive, meaning they automatically adapt their format to a desktop, tablet or smartphone and don’t require zooming and pinching to read like PDF files. Since they are page-based, brochure websites can be distributed via web-link across multiple channels, from twitter to email marketing. This is great for creating backlinks and is vital for user experience.


Since brochures websites are online and accessed via a browser they are sharable and accessible 24/7, making them a really cost-effective promotional tool for your business.  Clickable links enable interaction between the reader and the brand. You can send customers directly to your Instagram page for a deeper insight into the business or to a contact number. Calls To Action [CTA] like these are essential to turn prospects into customers. A well designed brochure website allows the business owner to optimise every opportunity to build traffic and create leads.


Brochure websites are great because they are designed with both users and search engines in mind. They are performance-friendly and SEO optimised so they will rank highly in search engines and be visible to your audience. Images must be high-quality and compressed for content to load quickly which is essential for search engine ranking. By making the website easy to navigate, engaging and unique as possible – by embedding videos, sharing reviews – visitors are retained for longer. This boosts traffic by telling search engines that your site is relevant and moving your site higher up in their rankings.

A Must!

Whether you are looking to add on to an existing site or build a new brochure website for your business, brochure web design is a hastle-free and cost-effective way of increasing your online presence, driving traffic to your website and ultimately generating new leads and customers. Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you boost your business with a bespoke brochure website. Our brochure web designs are optimised both for user and search engines which means the personalised content can focus on attracting the right customers without compromising visibility, so you can concentrate on what you’re passionate about – your business!

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