The Benefits of Building a Bespoke Website

With so many options for building and designing a website available there are many options for developing your dream site to support your project or business. Whilst many self-hosted web providers, such as WordPress and Shopify, allow you to create fully functioning sites to meet your needs, it is worth considering bespoke website builds for a unique, optimised and sophisticated alternative.

Quality Build and Functionality of Bespoke Website Design

Building your website through self-hosted software does allow some flexibility and control when building your site. However, unless you have experience with web development and design, or a dedicated in-house development team, creating a website that offers more complex levels of functionality is difficult.

If the website you are looking to build requires more advanced features, such as newsletter signup, flexible search, online checkout or dedicated product pages, a bespoke website built by a development team is a good choice.

Working with a website development agency allows you to create a site that meets your exact requirements without compromising on performance or functionality. As your business develops and grows, new features and services are likely to be added and investing in a bespoke website allows you to explore your options as freely as possible and get the expertise and advice of a web developer to help shape the future of your site.

Improved SEO with Website Design

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the backbone of your website; it drives traffic to your site, determines your ranking in Google searches and improves your visibility to potential customers. Whilst you can do a lot for your SEO in the content you write and the features you offer, much of the SEO of your website is determined behind the scenes.

Investing in a bespoke website ensures that your site is built to meet high SEO standards and that the technical side of SEO, such as CLS, site speed and canonical tags are taken care of. This allows your website to work for your business and supports the great content that you create to increase traffic and ensure that your website is found.

Continued Support from Web Technicians

With many self-hosted website development systems you are on your own. The design, creation and maintenance of your site is down to you. Whilst there is a lot of freedom in this, without a background in web development, SEO and design, you may find yourself overwhelmed or leave your site open and vulnerable to risks, including viruses, data breaches, breakages or downtime.

When you use a web development agency you are provided with expert support and advice throughout the entire process. From design to implementation and continued maintenance, you have a team available to make sure that your site is up and running and fully protected. Using a web developer gives you support, recommendations, advice and protection.

Unique Website Design

Self-hosted web development software often runs on templated designs and layouts rather than unique creations. In contrast, a web development agency will either work with external designers, or have in-house design teams to create unique website mock ups according to your specific requests. This means that you have the control of the design of your web pages rather than the software of your self-hosted site and your website will be a unique creation created with your preferences in mind.

Full Ownership

A key advantage of choosing a bespoke website is that it is yours and yours alone. Self-hosted websites are tied to the software of the company used; these businesses are also often large, nameless organisations which make it difficult to transfer your site to another system if needed for upgrades and expansion.

In comparison, a bespoke website belongs to you. You control where it is hosted, you control the files and you control the future and development of your site.

Tarka Web Design | Bespoke Website Design

With increased security and full ownership of your site, as well as the continued support of industry professionals, your website is no longer a task or inconvenience but an opportunity for improved visibility and business growth.

Tarka Web Design creates bespoke websites designed with your needs or businessrequirements in mind. With over a decade of expertise in house and a wide-range portfolio, our developers offer high-quality and unique websites to advance your business or project and increase your visibility online. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more or head to our portfolio to see examples of our work.

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