The Advantages of Interactive Web Design

What is Interactive Web Design?

Interactive web design provides websites that respond to a user's actions and environments. For example, the website may react to the country of the user and adapt accordingly, it may react to the mouse position, clicks or web journey of your users, or it may bring up specific content depending on where a user is located.

Because of this, interactive web design provides a more enriching and rewarding experience of your website to any users, keeping interest in your site and increasing performance through high user satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of Interactive Web Design?

Interactive web design has many benefits and so is worth considering as an option for your online presence. From SEO enhancement to personalisation, interactive websites perform better in a range of important areas.

1). Personalised Web Experience for Your Users

By offering an interactive website, you are able to provide a more personal view of your business to your users. This makes their experience of your site feel unique and addresses the problems, queries and needs that they may have. For example, allowing your site to identify the location or country of your user and display content accordingly allows for a more interesting experience for that user.

2). Dynamic Design with Interactive Web Design

With interactive web design, you can build a dynamic website that reacts to the mouse trail or clicks of your users. The scope for animations with dynamic design is endless! From tiles that display information when hovered over, to overlays that react to the mouse position and maybe even characters that pop up when your user clicks, interactive web design allows you to create a bespoke web experience that completely enriches the look and feel of your site.

3). Improving User Experience Through Interactive Web Design

User Experience is a fundamental factor of Google’s SEO framework; Google has repeatedly expressed that user experience is one of the key things they look for when ranking sites. This means that improving your user experience results in a higher position on Google’s web pages and more traffic. Interactive web design enhances user experience and offers a feature-rich site that meets the needs of your users. By improving the experience of those using your site, you can increase traffic and become a trusted site on Google to start ranking for more and more keywords. This makes interactive web design an important investment for boosting the visibility of your online presence. Find out more about User Experience here.

Building an Interactive Website

Building an interactive website is most easily achieved through the use of a web design agency. Teams within these businesses are skilled at providing sites across platforms that work for any device and provide a quality look and feel.

Whilst it is possible to build interactive designs within self-hosting web services, including WordPress, a bespoke design allows for full creativity and limitless options for a dynamic and responsive site.

Tarka Web Design and Interactive Web Design

With Tarka Web Design, our team of expert web developers can build you a bespoke, engaging and interactive website. Not only will your site be fully accessible and look professional on any device screen, as responsive web design comes as standard, but personalisation of how your site reacts to your user and their environment are available to give your website a unique feel and enhance user experience. With optimised builds, dynamic designs and quality layouts, Tarka Web Design can help to create or upgrade your ideal interactive website.

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