What is Laravel and Why is it used?

What is Laravel? 

Laravel is a web framework that's built on PHP; it is used by web designers and software developers to build websites and applications.  Laravel is gaining popularity thanks to its easy-to-use structure that still allows for a feature-rich development. Whilst other PHP frameworks exist, Laravel is the most widely used.

When choosing the framework, you would like to use for your business’s website, it is important to understand the advantages and limitations of each so that you can approach a developer who can build the site you need. In this article, we will explore what Laravel can do for you and your business and why you should be thinking about this framework as the base of your website.

Haven't Heard of Laravel?

Laravel is a framework that can be used to create any functionality for websites or web applications. This means that there is more freedom in using Laravel when compared to typical website builders, such as WordPress, as web designers can build any features to your exact requirements rather than relying on what an existing software offers. Laravel allows you to get exactly what you are looking for and explore all of the opportunities of web design without restriction.

The Advantages of Laravel | Why Use Laravel?

Laravel has been used to create over 1.1 million websites globally and this number is quickly growing. The popularity of Laravel comes down to the benefits it brings to your site, its users and your ability to manage content.

Security and Web Design | Is Laravel Secure?

Security is the main concern for every website; protecting against hackers, bots, viruses and malware is important for any company with an online presence. Just as we protect our physical business assets, we have to make sure that our web property is also secured.

Laravel offers advanced security features to make sure that your website and files remain protected and guarded against threats. By offering user authentication and restricted access to certain features, as well as data sanitisation and protection against common vulnerabilities, Laravel keeps your site secure and offers peace of mind against security threats.

Web Performance on the Laravel Framework

Another key aspect of your website is performance; if a site doesn’t perform well, loads slowly or makes things difficult for your users, your business could suffer.

Laravel provides a framework that optimises performance of your site, keeps things running as they should and drives traffic through improved SEO. A quality web designer will use the Laravel framework to build you a site that performs for your company.

Web Traffic Management and Capabilities

Every business has to deal with capacity. Whether it's seats in your restaurants or physical space in your store, your business can only handle so much traffic at once.

The same can be said of websites; most sites can host a number of users at any one time. How many users your site can handle at any given time is dependent on how advanced your web architecture is, the framework used and the server used to host your files.

Laravel can handle web requests quickly and efficiently, meaning that it can manage vast numbers of users engaging with your website simultaneously. It also uses a unique message queue system that allows you to prioritise tasks and give as much compute power as possible towards hosting your site for your users.

Flexible and Easily Integrated

Laravel can be fully integrated software from third-party organisations to create a bespoke website solution for your business. The framework can be integrated with popular self-service web development software, including Shopify and WordPress, as well as with content and data management systems, such as Hubspot, Google Analytics and Social Media Sites.

Laravel integration allows you to build a website, and a wider business, which utilises not just one software but as many as needed to offer your customers the best experience possible and grow your company.

Full Ownership and Freedom with Laravel

By creating a website with the Laravel framework through a web design agency, your company is not tied to a single company or piece of software. A quality Laravel developer will develop the site using Laravel's structure, this means any other Laravel develop can pick up the project if needed - compared to raw PHP projects where getting other developers involved can become time consuming as the projects structure can be vastly different from project to project. Many web development agencies will suggest a rework of a project, if it's not using a popular framework such as Laravel.

Bespoke Website Design with Laravel | Tarka Web Design

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