What is Domain authority and how to improve it?

How Improving Domain Authority Can Supercharge Your Search Ranking

Building and improving the authority of your domain is a passive way to improve your search ranking efforts. It sounds simple right? But what exactly is a “domain authority”? How can I check my domain authority? How can I improve poor domain authority?

In this blog post, you will discover exactly what domain authority means, how to measure domain authority and learn actionable ways of domain authority.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority - or ‘DA’ - is a metric originally developed by Moz which predicts how likely a domain is to appear in the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERPs) in comparison to other, similar websites. 

Whilst initially developed by Moz, many other Search Engine Optimisation platforms like Ubersuggest and SEMRush use a similar algorithm to define the authority of a domain.

What’s The Best Domain Authority Score?

Firstly, it’s important to point out that search engines like Google don’t officially use the domain authority metric when deciding how to rank websites. However, search engines do track and judge a website based on the same factors - having an external metric allows digital marketers (that’s you!) to track, improve and compare SEO efforts. 

The domain authority metric is a score out of 100 that is compiled from factors like backlinks, referring domains, and search traffic. A website's value is judged using the domain authority tool, which considers both the quantity and quality of links.

A page is more likely to have a higher score if it has backlinks from pages with high authority, such as Wikipedia, official GOV pages, well-known newspapers and social media platforms.

When it comes to stamping a number on “what’s the best authority score”, it comes down entirely on how your competitors are fairing. You want a higher domain authority than rival businesses. Simple. 

How To Quickly Boost Your Domain Authority

 Optmise Your Content

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Make sure that you optimize all on-page code: including title tags and image alt tags.

Create Shareworthy Content

The higher the quality of your content, the more feasible it is that another reputable website will link to it. This means that your content needs to be useful, innovative, well-written, and relevant to both your company and your audience.

Get Social Obsessed

Promote your content on social media with creative graphics or video to encourage your followers to engage with it. Promote your content on various social media pages and make sure to encourage followers to like, share, or comment on it. Don't forget to include social share buttons directly on your web pages!

Don’t be an eager beaver, it takes time, consistency and content to improve your domain authority and achieve higher search rankings. Don’t be obsessed with the metric - we offer plenty of other ways to improve your search rankings. 

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