How to use a Blog to Boost your Website SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting your Website’s SEO with a Blog

A blog is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers about your expertise, services and products. It gives you the opportunity to lean into your niche (or niches, plural) and explore the content around them. You can use a blog to show off your knowledge and topical authority about all that you do. Blog research could even open up new topics for you to discuss!

How Does a Blog Advance your Website’s SEO?

It’s impossible to predict where you’ll find users as they search the web due to the sheer amount of searches completed everyday. By making sure you’ve got quality content on a range of topics surrounding your niche you can capture multiple users’ attention at any time.

A catchy title will entice users, engaging content will keep them reading and an optimised internal linking structure will keep them on site. This gives you time to boost your high value pages or best-selling products and properly tap into the online market.

Blogs also give your website the opportunity to earn more quality backlinks from authoritative domains. If you’re posting excellent content people will notice it and link back to you. That’s how knowing your topics thoroughly and sharing them widely boosts your site’s SEO. 

Another benefit is that a successful blog could turn into evergreen content. This form of content can rank all of the time, it’s content that isn’t limited by specific dates and will continuously bring in users. Who wouldn’t want that type of content on their site? 


Speak to your Audience

One crucial point when writing a blog is knowing who your audience are and how you’d like to speak to them. Blogs give you the chance to hone into your existing audience or even find new users who make up an entirely new audience for your site. There is plenty of potential when blog writing so making sure it has a secure place in your SEO strategy is vital. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research for blogging gives you the opportunity to explore topics further and understand what your audience are looking for. Completing quality keyword research supports your blogs potential to rank for particular keywords. From your primary keywords to secondary keywords, discussing topics with certain terms in mind boosts your site’s visibility on search engines.

Call to Action

Each blog needs to lead to a goal conversion that you’re tracking. Using enticing CTA’s that guide users to the next stage in the marketing funnel is essential to a successful blog post. Are you struggling to perfect your SEO strategy? Tarka Web Design can help put you on the right track and support your website SEO, request a call back today!

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