Google Adwords

Customised PPC Campaigns

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is perfect for most businesses looking to drive guaranteed traffic to your website. It's very easy to track ROI in these marketing campaigns and you'll see a clear cut expenditure to added income ratio, unlike other marketing options available. We primarily work with Google Adwords to setup your PPC campaign, this means your website will be visible on the front page of Google, guaranteed, and you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

  • FREE PPC Forecast.
  • Instantly bring traffic to your website.
  • Drive sales and enquiries by tracking conversions.
  • Guaranteed results & guaranteed traffic.

How It Works

A PPC campaign means you only pay once a user clicks on your advert, usually a listing on Google. So when a potential customer searches for your service or product they see your business listed, if they click to visit your website you then pay a fee, completely controlled with a budget that you choose. This method of marketing is ideal for bringing in traffic, fast.

Setting up a PPC campaign means we can focus your advert to very specific target audiences, meaning those who click on your listing are more likely to turn into a sale or lead and convert. We can also focus on relevant keywords, by identifying useful long tail keywords relevant to your business or product. The goal of any PPC campaign is to bring in more sales or leads for your business.

Google Adwords Campaign